2017 Drugs, Brains and HIV Conference

Drugs, Brains, and HIV

The Science of Behavioral Health and HIV | How Science has Revolutionized the Understanding of Drug Addiction

March 20, 2017 | Embassy Suites Hotel Cool Springs | Franklin, Tennessee

Recognizing Tennessee is a high risk state for HIV, this conference focuses on coping with HIV in today’s world and how science is linking behavioral health and HIV.

Sessions will:

* Address the impact of HIV, STDs, and viral hepatitis on the citizens of Tennessee;

* Address the impact of Pediatric HIV on families;

* Amplify the synergies between HIV and co-infections; and,

* Create an awareness and knowledge on HIV/AIDS.

Key objectives for the conference include, but are not limited to:

* Advancing a clear agenda for HIV, including the cross cutting issues of criminalization, gender based violence, sexual and reproductive health and stigma;

* Promoting responses to HIV that are supported by and tailored to the needs of at risk populations or people living with HIV, including woman and girls, men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, young people and people who use drugs; and,

* Building innovative partnerships with community, government and science to strengthen prevention and treatment efforts.

Miscellaneous Files

Consider maximizing your training and travel plans by attending two events being held back-to-back in the Franklin area. | TDH-HIV Services Statewide Meeting |  March 21-23, 2017 | Drury Plaza Hotel | Franklin, Tennessee |  Contact Cathrine J. Bays at Southeast Tennessee Development District (423) 424-4270, cbays@sedev.org, or you may contact Mia Sharp at United Way of Middle Tennessee (615) 780-2445, mia.sharp@uwmn.org.

The following are the session handouts made available by speakers for participants accessibility

There are no handouts available at this time for this event.

OPENING GENERAL SESSION | Coping with HIV in Today’s World: A Clinical Update — Leveraging Behavioral Health to Improve HIV Outcomes: New Directions 

     HANDOUTS -- Robertson Nash, MD  CLICK HERE

     AETC Southeast Evaluation Form  CLICK HERE

     HRSA AETC Participant Information Form (PIF)  CLICK HERE


GENERAL SESSION | Coping with HIV in Today's World | A Panel Focus on Tennessee  

     HANDOUTS -- Melvin Smith   CLICK HERE

     HANDOUTS -- William Adams CLICK HERE

CLOSING GENERAL SESSION | STATE OF THE STATE | Pediatric hiv/AIDS: 27 Years After Approval of AZT for Children   

     HANDOUTS -- Gregory Wilson, MD  CLICK HERE


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