Tennessee Behavioral Health History

Celebrating 50 Years of Behavioral Health Services in Tennessee


Throughout the past five decades of structural changes and shifting operations on every level of government, TAMHO has remained true to keeping the promise of providing quality and effective behavioral health services in the least restrictive setting possible.


This organization has found a way to stay true to its founding principles regardless of the barriers and regulations. Providing the most humane and affordable care for those persons with mental illnesses and addictions has remained the core mission of TAMHO.


At the heart of TAMHO's member organizations and their more than 6,000 individual care providers and other employees, the values of 50 years ago remain the same – caring for those who need help the most and providing them with the best care available, science-based services, and the most effective medicines obtainable.


Keeping this promise is ultimately about maintaining a quality of care that can be found in every county and city across the state. The promise is – that no matter the severity of the mental illness or the complexity of the addiction, those persons experiencing problems as a result of their disease will not have to travel far from home to get the treatment and community support they need to live a full and productive life.


More detailed information about the TAMHO 50th Anniversary "Keeping the Promise" project is available by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.



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