TAMHO Annual Conference 2020

TAMHO Annual Conference | 

December 10, 2020 | A Virtual Event

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Experts have predicted that the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on behavioral health will be greater than the medical impact. The emotional toll from fear, isolation, financial strain and lack of social support will be felt for years to come. Behavioral health organizations continue to be leaders in responding to these needs. Join us during the TAMHO 2020 Annual Conference to learn more about how this is being done: through providing virtual service delivery, responding to the evolution of a safe and effective vaccine, and creating a culture of employee support.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

9:00 am – 9:30 am

9:30 am – 10:30 am
Behavioral Virtual Visits: Using Telemental Health to Address Current and Future Behavioral Health Challenges
     Roberta Montemayor, Director, Telehealth Innovation, Optum Specialty Networks

10:30 am —10:40 am

10:40 am –11:40 am
Telehealth: Keeping Connected During COVID and Beyond
     Mary C Shelton, Director, Behavioral Health Operations, Division of TennCare, State of Tennessee
     Janice S Maurizio, VP Behavioral Health Services, BlueCare,
     Jeremy Mercer, Executive Director, Behavioral Health, UnitedHealthcare
     Renea Bentley, Ed.D., LPC-MHSP, Director of Behavioral Health, Amerigroup
     Kristie Hammonds, President & CEO, Frontier Health
     Brad Nunn, PhD, Vice President of Quality Improvement, Centerstone of Tennessee

11:40 am —12:15 pm
Lunch Break and Explore the Vendor Expo

12:15 pm –1:30 pm
TAMHO Awards & Recognition Ceremony

1:30 pm –2:30 pm
COVID-19 Vaccine in Tennessee
     Heather Gundersen, Deputy Commissioner, Administrative and Regulatory Services, Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

2:30 pm —2:40 pm

2:40 pm –3:40 pm
A Culture of Change: Creating Support & Success for Employees and Yourself!
     Susan Gillpatrick, LPC, CEAP

3:40 pm


Behavioral Virtual Visits: Using Telemental Health to Address Current and Future Behavioral Health Challenges
In this presentation, we’ll review United Healthcare’s behavioral virtual visits program pre-, during, and post-COVID. The effectiveness of virtual behavioral care will be discussed, as well as barriers for providers, payers and members to achieving telehealth efficiency and optimal clinical outcomes. United’s digital and virtual offerings that span the behavioral health care continuum will be presented and discussed, and finally, a brief discussion on the future of virtual behavioral care.
Learning Objectives:
     During this session, participants will explore:

  1. Efficacy/effectiveness of Telemental Health;
  2. Current barriers to providing and receiving virtual care;
  3. United’s virtual options on the behavioral care continuum; and,
  4. Future of Telehealth.

This session is sponsored by United Healthcare Community Plan

Telehealth: Keeping Connected During COVID and Beyond
Tennessee’s public sector behavioral health providers quickly pivoted to moving more treatment and services to a telehealth platform in March and April after the on-set of COVID-19 pandemic. Since at least the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, behavioral health providers have utilized telehealth for medication management and therapy services to increase access across Tennessee.  Providers built upon the existing telehealth network and experience to expand the service delivery throughout COVID-19. Over the last 8 months, Tennessee providers have continued to offer daily behavioral health treatment and care coordination services to TennCare members through allowances from the CMS, Governor Lee and TennCare.  As we continue to navigate through the COVID pandemic, TennCare and the contracted Managed Care Organizations will share utilization data from what we are seeing with providers and telehealth, best practices & guidance, and TennCare’s proposed Telephonic Telehealth Program Description.  Frontier and Centerstone will offer provider-level insights on how they have adapted and helpful hints for others.
Learning Objectives
     During this session, participants will focus on building their knowledge as relates to:

  1. Best practices when working with TennCare members for telehealth implementation;
  2. Minimum standards required for rendering telephonic telehealth services for TennCare members; and,
  3. Helpful hints on how to adapt to telehealth services and/or transitioning services back to the clinic setting.

COVID-19 Vaccine in Tennessee
Wondering what’s happening as relates to the COIVD-19 vaccine? This session will provide an overview of COVID-19 vaccine progress including development and testing, distribution framework, expected timeline, and next steps.
Learning Objectives:
     During this session, participants will:

  1. Gain an understanding and background;
  2. Increase their understanding of the allocation and phasing and how vaccines are prioritized and distributed; and,
  3. Gain a vision of the vaccine outlook including where we are now and what to expect in the months ahead.

A Culture of Change: Creating Support & Success for Employees and Yourself!
We are living in a culture of change like no other time. Let us focus on solutions and discover 7 strategies for support and success – for not only your employees, but for yourself too!
Learning Objectives
     During this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe three concepts that can contribute to support and success within a culture of change;
  2. Identify at least one strategy to create support and success for employees or themselves; and,
  3. Determine an implementation and outcome of applying one discussed strategy.



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